Eric & Dave

Hoping to Adopt (Colorado)


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Michael Baraky

Family friend

Dave and Eric will be incredible parents. They are genuinely compassionate and they put others before themselves. And they will do the same with their child. They are both brilliant and hardworking and they will make sure they do their absolute best every single day when raising their child. I've witnessed their patience first hand when visiting my home and listening to our daughter's stories and their understanding when our crying baby interrupts a dinner. I have no doubts they will be patient, loving and caring parents that will raise very loved children

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I have known Dave for over 20 years. We were in grade school together as well as Boy Scouts and have been close friends since. We were even housemates for over a year. I have known Eric since he and Dave began dating. I lived close to them for about three years since this time and for many months made dinner with them weekly. Dave and Eric have the kind of marriage that I aspire to have with my wife. They strike that rare balance of being kind, interesting, and responsible. When you are with them you can tell that they are really listening and present. They are open minded yet deeply grounded. They have a beautiful partnership and a warm home. In addition to all of the practical things that a child needs, I have no doubt that they would provide all of the love, attention, and structure that any child could hope for. Of all of the couples I know, there is not one I would recommend more than Dave and Eric to be parents.

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